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CloudFish to Showcase its Cybersecurity Platform at Georgia Institute of Technology 

Located in the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) is the hub of Atlanta’s startup ecosystem and is ranked one of the world’s top technology incubators. 

Alpharetta, Georgia, April 17th. 2019 – CloudFish Inc., a leading developer of cloud security technologies today announces it will be presenting its technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at the 2019 ATDC Startup Showcase, to be held in Atlanta on April 18th. 2019. The ATDC Showcase is the premier Atlanta technology event where more than 800 investors, corporate partners, entrepreneurs, and researchers converge to discover the most promising and emerging technologies, network with each other, and forge new relationships and partnerships. 

CloudFish’s Integrated Security Platform protects businesses from cyber-security threats and data breaches through the use of machine learning technology. The platforms provides a comprehensive protection from data breaches along with global monitoring, end-to-end document encryption and compliance management services for enterprises. 

“We are excited to present our cloud security technology to industry leaders and investors attending this event” said Faisal Faruqi, the CEO and Chief Architect of CloudFish. “CloudFish’s technology provides a platform agnostic security solution for the cloud that makes the enterprise cloud virtually unbreakable from any unauthorized access. We are honored to be nominated by ATDC for this event and we see new opportunities for CloudFish to work closely with top tier innovators and entrepreneurs in (the area of) cloud security.” For more information about the event, please visit http://atdcstartupshowcase.com. About CloudFish: CloudFish was launched in 2016 as the company focusing on building the next generation of security infrastructure products for cloud. CloudFish is based in Alpharetta, GA. For more information, please visit www.cloud-fish.com. 

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